2010 Annual Report

The National Research Fund (FNR) was set up in 1999 with the objective of supporting and promoting research activities in Luxembourg. The FNR’s main activities in order to increase the attractiveness of Luxembourg as a scientific site are the following: supporting researchers to build up scientific quality and excellence, contributing to a favourable research environment as well as promoting scientific culture. In eleven years, over EUR 123 million have been allocated to the Luxembourg research community through about 235 FNRfunded research projects and 1,914 Accompanying Measures, whereas the criterion of scientific quality of the projects as well as the relevancy of the research content for research users are decisive. Moreover, the internationality factor plays an important role. Furthermore, EUR 54 million have been committed to 670 AFR and BFR grants since October 2008.
Since 2000, several multi-annual research programmes have been launched in specific fields of interest to Luxembourg. The Board of Administration of the FNR ratifies these programmes, which have been developed with the help of the FNR’s Scientific Council and scientific experts, before they are presented to the Government for financing.
HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THESE PROGRAMMES? For the thematic CORE programme, which covers priority thematic domains for Luxembourg, and for the ATTRACT programme, calls for proposals are launched annually. For the PEARL programme, the call is open all year.
For the INTER programme, calls for proposals are launched regularly.
Further details on the open calls for research projects and evaluation procedures are available at www.fnr.lu/calls.

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Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg. (2011). 2010 Annual Report. Luxembourg.

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