Gender segregation in the labour market

Marie Valentova

Gender segregation in the labour market is a situation where one gender concentrates significantly more than the other in certain domains of the labour market. Our analysis focuses on the working population residing1 in Luxembourg and distinguishes between horizontal and vertical segregation. Horizontal segregation refers to the high concentration of women or men in certain sectors of the national economy. Vertical segregation is to be understood as a disproportional participation of one gender in a narrow range of occupations (occupational segregation) and/or in certain levels of the professional hierarchy (hierarchical segregation). These various types of segregation lead to genderbased disadvantages such as: limited career prospects, pay gap and lower social recognition.

Suggested Citation

Valentova, M. (2006). Gender segregation in the labour market (Vivre au Luxembourg. Chroniques de l’enquête PSELL-3/2004 Nr. 25). Differdange. Centre d’études de populations, de pauvreté et de politiques socio-économiques (CEPS/INSTEAD).

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