Jugendarbeit im digitalen Zeitalter

In discussion: “Youth work in the digital age – does a youth center still have a future?”

Dr. Sandra Biewers Grimm guest speaker at "soziale Stamminet"

Sandra Biewers

Youth work in the digital ageDr. Sandra Biewers was invited as a speaker at the “soziale Stamminet” on 13.06.2024 and spoke at the Pfaffenthal Oekosoph centre on the topic “Youth work in the digital age – does a youth center still have a future?”.
At the “social Stamminet”, invited experts and guests spent an evening discussing specific questions from the social professions. Dr. Sandra Biewers presented the results of her recent research on non-formal education and youth work.

Using empirical examples, she demonstrated the extent to which open youth work in youth centers offers young people a wide range of educational opportunities tailored to their individual needs and interests. Youth work in the digital age is so important precisely because, in addition to school, it promotes digital skills, social interaction and participation in an increasingly networked world and enables holistic personal development through voluntary, lifeworld-oriented offers.

This small discussion format was organized by the Lycée Technique pour professions éducatives et sociales (LTPES) together with the Association nationale des Communautés éducatives et sociales (ANCES).

The occasion was the 50th anniversary of teacher training in Luxembourg.

Youth work in the digital age

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Author: Sandra Biewers
Collaboration of: Daniel Weis, Sandra Biewers Grimm