National report on the situation of young people in Luxembourg

Abridged version

The present abridged version summarises the key findings of the full report “National report on the situation of young people in Luxembourg”.

The legal basis of the report is article 15(1) of the Youth Act of 4 July 2008,which stipulates that the minister responsible for youth policy present a report to the Chamber of Deputies every five years. The report consists of two parts: a scientific analysis and description of the situation of young people living in Luxembourg as prepared by the youth research centre CESIJE (“Centre d’études sur la situation des jeunes”) of the research unit INSIDE (Integrative Research Unit: Social and Individual Development) at the University of Luxembourg and agovernment declaration outlining the future priorities of youth policy in Luxembourg. The full report therefore constitutes a scientific basis for the development of the Luxembourg government’s youth policy and for the introduction of youth-related measures.

The abridged version gives an overview of the key findings concerning the areas of education, employment, integration, poverty, well-being and participation, and describes the prospects and challenges arising from the results of the full report. The present abridged version is aimed at all readers interested in a concise overview of the current situation of young people in Luxembourg.

Suggested Citation

Ministère de la Famille et de l’Intégration. (2011). National report on the situation of young people in Luxembourg: Abridged version. Luxembourg.

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