Study on the state of young people and youth policy in Europe

Final reports

This “Study on the State of Young People and Youth Policy in Europe” has three main focal points: youth conditions, youth policies and youth workers. The reports compiled on these three aspects have been organised into two separate volumes. The first volume contains, besides this introductory summary, three general, cross-country, reports pertaining, respectively, to each of the three above-mentioned focal points. The second volume contains the national reports pertaining to youth conditions; the third contains the national reports on youth policies and the national portraits concerning youth workers.
This introductory summary concentrates on only some of the main aspects explored in the three general reports and in the national reports, and offers some additional policy reflections and recommendations. More specifically, this text focuses on selected aspects which are of particular interest for the Directorate General for Education and Culture, which explicitly requested their further development in this summary. These aspects are: education and training; the labour market; wellbeing, health and values; organisational and political participation; the “European dimension”.

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IARD. (2001). Study on the state of young people and youth policy in Europe: Final reports. Vol. 1: Executive summary and comparative reports. Milano.






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