Violence in Luxembourg schools: The role of school culture

Georges Steffgen

This chapter reports the findings of systematic research on the specific topic of violence in Luxembourg schools. Based on different studies a description of how the students themselves judge the respective situation in their schools, is presented (Steffgen & Ewen, 2004). Especially the links between school culture and the violence of students will be explored by samples from five different high schools. Empirical results of the research give an account of the incidence rates of different forms of violence in Luxembourg in comparison with other European countries (Smith, 2003) and check on interrelations between violence and school culture. Results indicate that violence is a problem in Luxembourg schools and that a considerable number of students is affected. In addition different analyses show that the educational quality of teaching – the pedagogical engagement and the didactic abilities of teachers – is related to the extension of psychological violence. Differences between high schools are to be considered. The results suggest that violence may be reduced and prevented by changing the school culture.

Suggested Citation

Steffgen, G. (2006). Violence in Luxembourg schools: The role of school culture. In K. Österman & K. Björkvist (Hrsg.), Contemporary research on aggression: Proceedings of the XVI World Meeting of the International Society for Research on Aggression, Santorini, Greece, 2004 (Pro Facultate Nr. 8, S. 25–34). Finland: Åbo Akademi.

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