Start der Arbeit am Jugendbericht 2025

Works on the Youth Report 2025 have started

2015, 2020, 2025: The reporting cycle resumes

Anette Schumacher, Moritz Höpner, Robin Samuel

Following the Youth Report 2020, which yielded findings on the well-being and health of young people in Luxembourg, the next Youth Report 2025 is be dedicated to the topic of digitalisation, which is currently moving society and science alike.

Youth and digitalisation – which questions arise?

Originally, digit(al)isation refers to the process of transferring analogue data into a digital format. Nowadays, however, it denotes rather the use of digital information in the economy and society; today’s society is digitalised in almost every area.
Young people can hardly imagine life without digital media. They have known and used smartphones, social media, apps, learning and gaming software and many other digital offerings since early childhood. This influences their way of life in almost all areas. Several questions arise in this context:

  • How do young people in Luxembourg use digital media and services?
  • In what form has digitalisation reached the sectors of formal and non-formal education?
  • How does digitalisation influence different areas of life such as culture and creativity, consumption and entertainment, politics and participation or social interactions?

It seems particularly interesting to us to understand this from the perspective of young people themselves: what potentials but also risks and challenges does the advancing digitalisation in different areas of life? We ask ourselves how digitalisation in the broadest sense affects the socialisation processes of young people and how it influences their life plans.

Youth Report 2025 – accompanying the research process

A multidisciplinary research team at the Centre for Childhood and Youth Research (CCY), led by Prof. Robin Samuel, will address these and other questions in detail over the next three years. The findings will be presented to the public in early 2026.

You can read all the news about the Youth Report 2025 here at The finished Youth Report 2025 will be accessible as usual via the address Until then, you will also find all information on the last youth report there, as well as the entire document for download. Click here for the Youth Report 2020 (in German).