An Experiment in Youth Research Going European: the Case of Luxembourg

Charles Berg, Georges Wirtgen

The following article is not a national report on youth research in Luxembourg, The authors rather give an account on recent developments in Luxembourgish youth research policy which, on one hand may serve as a comparative example for evolutions going on in other counries and which, on another hand, may even, though in a rather modest way, affect the European context of youth research. They consider different sæps, particularly the foundation of CeSiJe (Centre d’études sur lq situation des jeunes en Europe), wrdertaken in order to improve coherence and impact of youth research projects, and figure out how the process of negotiation a resea¡ch agenda should go on in such a structural contexl Moreover, inæmuch æ they supply linguistic, economic and educational background information and as they analyse the institr¡tional structures for research funding, they make obvious that, in spite of its exiguity, Luxembourg needs a specific youth research, which paradoxically can only come to existence if it is, semantically as well as institutionally, conceived in a definitely international, both European and regional, way.

Suggested Citation

Berg, C. & Wirtgen, G. (1999). An Experiment in Youth Research Going European: the Case of Luxembourg. In S. Hübner-Funk & M. du Bois-Reymond (Hrsg.), European Yearbook on youth policy and research: Bd. 2. Intercultural reconstruction: Trends and challenges (S. 195–204). W. de Gruyter.




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