Integration experiences of young migrants in Luxembourg

A study on coping patterns and subjective experiences of young people with a migration background

The project investigates integration-related experiences and coping strategies of young people with a migration background in Luxembourg. The focus is not on a political-social yardstick for integration (and the deficit-oriented view that often accompanies it), but on the subjective perspective of the young migrants themselves. It is about the question of what integration means for the young people, which factors play a role, how this process is shaped for them and which resources can be helpful.

Data basis and methodology

In order to understand the life worlds of young migrants, a qualitative research design with guided interviews is used. In the first phase, twelve expert interviews are conducted, which are dedicated to basic questions of integration, integration policy as well as problems, challenges, concepts and goals. The second phase consists of approximately 60 interviews with young migrants in which they are asked about their experiences in everyday life in Luxembourg and their ideas about integration. The sample represents as broad a spectrum of migration biographies and integration experiences as possible, so that several forms of migration (also in the course of generations) are taken into account, such as labour, commuter, family and refugee migration.


Helmut Willems

Helmut Willems

Prof Dr Helmut Willems is a sociologist and Professor for youth sociology at the Centre for Childhood and Youth Research (CCY) at the University of Luxembourg.

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