Living situations and experiences of LGBT* youth in Luxembourg (LEJULU)

Homo-, bi- and transphobia in Luxembourg

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT) youth in Luxembourg officially enjoy the same rights as their heterosexual and non-trans* peers. Nevertheless, what forms of stigma are LGBT* youth in Luxembourg of 2017 exposed to? To what extent do these young people feel discriminated against? In which life situations are they particularly affected? Whose support do the young people rely on?

The LEJULU project provides answers to these questions. In it, Christiane Meyers, Diana Reiners and Prof. Dr. Robin Samuel analyse the subjective experiences of discrimination of LGBT young people in Luxembourg. The LEJULU study also establishes a link to structural and institutional attitudinal landscapes within Luxembourgish society. As an example, the researchers analyse discourses surrounding the legal opening of marriage for all.

(How) Are LGBT* young people stigmatised in Luxembourg?

Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, the youth researchers of the INSIDE research unit at the University of Luxembourg are conducting a study on the living situations and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* youth in Luxembourg.

This study asks the question whether and how young people in Luxembourg experience stigmatisation because of their sexual orientation (being lesbian, gay or bi) or their gender identity (being trans*). Answers to these questions are given by the young people themselves. On the other hand, experts also have their say.

The LEJULU study uses various data and methods: In addition to analysing existing survey data and documents, interviews are conducted with experts and selected young people.

Interviews with young people and experts

From June to July 2017, the researchers interviewed selected experts. The focus of these interviews is not only the description of the living situation of the young people concerned, but also the influence of structures and society on the possibly problematic situation of these young people. Information provided by the experts helps the researchers to establish contacts with young participants in the study.

Between August and October 2017, the researchers conduct guided qualitative interviews with concerned young people. The focus here is on the young people’s life situation: What personal and social challenges do the young people see in connection with their sexuality and gender identity? How do they deal with them? To what extent do the young people perceive themselves as stigmatised?

Findings on the stigma of LGBT youth in Luxembourg.

The study paints a picture of a Luxembourgish majority society that increasingly accepts and tolerates the plurality of sexual orientations and gender identities. However, the study also clearly finds that stigma against LGBT* youth occurs mainly in places where general sexism and misogyny are widespread. A minority in Luxembourg society continues to maintain an anti-LGBT* stance, using claims from the discourse environment of “child welfare”.


Christiane Meyers

Christiane Meyers

Christiane Meyers holds a DEA in Sociology and is a Research (and Development) Specialist at the Centre for Childhood and Youth Research (CCY) at the University of Luxembourg.

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