Social Report City of Esch

The social report for the town of Esch is intended to develop empirically based findings on the social structure of the town and its changes, which in turn can be used as a basis for decision-making in social planning (evidence-based policy-making) and as an educational tool for the interested public. In addition to the socio-demographic structure, the housing (spatial) conditions of the population, the educational structure, poverty and exclusion as well as the social infrastructure will be examined.

Data basis and methodology

The social report for the town of Esch attempts to analyse the living conditions and participation opportunities of different social groups using various theoretical approaches. The investigation goes far beyond material conditions and also takes into account, for example, health restrictions, family situation and origin as factors for social exclusion and participation. The socio-spatial structure of the city is also taken into account. In addition, a district perspective, i.e. a perspective that refers to a single social space, complements the study in order to understand processes and structures there.

In order to do justice to the complexity of social phenomena, a mixed-methods design is used in which both qualitative and quantitative methods are employed.


Helmut Willems

Helmut Willems

Prof Dr Helmut Willems is a sociologist and Professor for youth sociology at the Centre for Childhood and Youth Research (CCY) at the University of Luxembourg.

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