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Work on the Youth Report 2025 enters the next phase!

Hannes Käckmeister, Moritz Höpner

The year 2024 is off to a productive and exciting start as the Youth Report 2025 enters a new phase just in time for the new year. Before we talk about the future, let’s take a look at where we currently stand.

Where do we currently stand?

We have now completed the preparatory phase of our research project. Here, our team at the CCY has developed a comprehensive concept in which, for example, we have defined our research questions, objectives and target groups, methods and theories to guide our research process.

The concept is the basis of our scientific study and the guideline for the entire research project. It gives us a clear framework for conducting, evaluating, and writing up the study.

We have also submitted ethics applications to ensure that the project meets high standards of scientific ethics, for example regarding data collection and processing, confidentiality and data protection, risk assessment and management.

New year, new task: data collection is the order of the day!

The New Year marks the start of the data collection phase. This is particularly crucial for us, as interviews and the large-scale YSL survey are on the agenda.

We want to find out how the lives of young people in Luxembourg are changing through digitalization, how much time they spend on the Internet, for example, for what purposes they use digital media and how they deal with challenges and negative experiences.

The information collected will then be thoroughly analyzed. Anyone interested in taking part in the study is welcome to contact us. All information on how to participate can be found here:

The year 2025 will be characterized by the preparation of the report.

After the data analysis phase, 2025 will be all about reporting. We will write up the key findings of our research and prepare the publication of the report. In 2026, the Youth Report will be available both as a printed edition and as an online resource.

However, our work is not over yet, because in the subsequent dissemination phase, we would like to present and discuss our research findings at conferences and seminars as well as in workshops. You, dear readers of this blog entry, are welcome to drop by at one of the events if you are interested!

2015, 2020, 2025…

The reporting cycle resumes” is the title of our last post on January 11, 2023. Another of our aims will be to reflect on the research process and identify possible improvements and/or future research perspectives.

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