Youth research in Luxembourg and its prospects

Charles Berg, Georges Wirtgen

One may wonder if a small country of some 400,000 inhabitants (which normally corresponds to a medium-sized city) really needs to carry out research on youth, and if it would not be better to refer to studies in the field coming from large neighbouring countries. They indeed have institutions specialising in this area, as well as the required know-how. Although such an option might prove advantageous financially speaking, it is nevertheless impossible to systematically appeal to knowledge-production going on in
Germany, France or Belgium as their socio-economic, linguistic, educational and cultural context is different.The obvious conclusion is thus that specific research on Luxembourg youth cannot be evaded. It proves all the more necessary due to the fact that socio- economic and cultural conditions change rapidly and sometimes even in different ways depending on countries. Let us examine briefly the contextual parameters forming the framework of such research.

Suggested Citation

Berg, C. & Wirtgen, G. (1998). Youth research in Luxembourg and its prospects. Pre-version “An Experiment in Youth Research Going European: the Case of Luxembourg”.

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