Youth Report 2010

National Report on the Situation of Youth in Luxembourg 2010

The preparation of the Youth Report goes back to Article 15 (1) of the Youth Law of 4 July 2008, which for the first time provides a legal basis in Luxembourg for the preparation of a national Youth Report. The aim of the Youth Report 2010 is to provide as comprehensive a description as possible of the current life situation, everyday contexts and problem situations of young people between the ages of 12 and 29 living in Luxembourg. In addition, topics relevant to young people are to be uncovered for which no data or research is (yet) available and suggestions for the sustainable foundation of youth reporting are to be made.

Thematic areas:

  • Educational environments in and out of school
  • Transitions to employment
  • Integration of young people with a migration background
  • Poverty and the risk of poverty among children and young people
  • Health and well-being
  • Participation and engagement
  • Problems and risks, opportunities and potentials of young people


Samuel Robin

Robin Samuel

Prof. Dr Robin Samuel is Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Childhood and Youth Research (CCY) at the University of Luxembourg.

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